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I must say, smart of you to drop by and try getting to know the persons who’s advice you might take up.

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a huge basketball fanatic.

For me playing basketball didn’t start because I liked the sport. As sad as it is, I was forced to pick up basketball. When you’re a 20-year-old college student who is overweight and overburdened with health problems…yeah well, things are bound to go down the drain.

I was told that along with following a proper diet plan and taking medication, I simply had to take up some sort of sport. Playing basketball just seemed an easy enough exercise to pick up. Since my college roommate was on the basketball team, he was very supportive of this new development in my life. He still is, if you’re reading this bud, thanks, man!

So back to the story, that’s how basketball was first introduced into my life. Gradually and gradually as the excess weight started to shed off, life started to get back on track, basketball was no longer simply a means to an end for me. It became a passion. An outlet. Something other than scoring the highest in English for me to be proud of.

How did I land here?

Well, we’ve already established long ago that you’re one of the smart readers. So, I’m pretty sure that if you’ve strung along with me till here, you didn’t miss out the hint I dropped in the earlier paragraph.

We’ll start from the beginning, so got out of the way that I didn’t love basketball since the beginning. However, there was  (still is) something I was more than passionate about. Books.

Yes, I admit it, I was a total geek. I was that chubby student hiding in the back corner of the class with their nose permanently stuck to a book. Complete with the whole thick-framed, round, Harry Potter glasses. Good times…

Moving on, the passion for the reading of course eventually translated into the need to write. That’s when I knew I had a talent and I needed to make good on what I had. I enrolled myself into the best college program I was able to find and somehow managed to impress my professors (only the English professors, others…not so much).

So now you know where the inspiration to write and create this blog partly comes from. And that’s how you and I landed here.

Creating pathways for others

So I’ve shared with you how my relationship with basket actually started but then what?

After taking up basketball and successfully starting to lose a couple of pounds, a lot of family members came up to me to ask about it. The conversation almost always steered towards basketball especially when the younger ones were involved in as well.

So we would talk about how they could take up basketball too. What would they need? And most importantly what shoes would suit them best? (P.s go read my article best basketball shoes under $100 if you also want some advice on this matter) We’d go, surf on the internet, check out descriptions, read reviews compared prices. There’s was certainly a lot of information I was swimming my way through.

With the guys who I usually played ball with, we’d try indoor courts and when we couldn’t find those, we’d go crazy playing in outdoor courts. So there would be discussions on which brands did each of us prefer? What worked better outdoors compared to indoors? Do check out my other article on best outdoor basketball shoes 2021  if you want to know more details.

Why would you require my help?

A smart buyer never feels hesitant in asking for someone else’s opinion. As that means they make better, more informed decisions about what to spend their hard-earned money on. I know this because back in the days when I was just starting with basketball as a college student, I was dangerously short on funds. With bills piling up faster than I could keep count of, it was difficult to luxuriate myself by buying expensive shoes only for them to not be what I expected.

I know the headache of painfully riffling through reviews on top of reviews. Wasting daylight on watching YouTube videos only to decide on ONE pair at the end. Those weren’t the best of times.

So, that’s what I’m here for. You, for sure are going to be making a decision on what to purchase independently but without having to go through all the pain I went through. I’ve simplified and complied everything for you right on this platform.

Where to next?

On My Outdoor Shoe,  I want to combine both my passions for writing and playing basketball. Yet most importantly I want to help other common people like me looking for their perfect basketball shoe through this platform. And not only them but extend the circle to coaches, parents and family members. So if you have any ideas on how to improve this website feel free to email me at [email protected] or simply use the request form below.